BT5.0 Low Energy Modules


nBlue™ nano ampere network module System on Chip Nordic NRF52840 (Requires no external components or firmware)

Backwards compatible with one minor change for legacy BlueRadios Low Energy Modules. Up to 1,000 meter range LOS.


adobeBR-LE5.0-S1A Summary Spec. (518KB)
nBlue BR-LE5.0-S1A is a standalone Class1 intelligent module solution and requires no external stack or external components! Custom client applications can be written directly onto the nBlue module, which supports both analog and digital peripherals, eliminating the need for a second costly microprocessor.


adobeChip-on-Board vs. Turnkey Module Comparison (82KB)
adobeModule vs. Discrete Design Total Cost of Ownership (39KB)


PCB Related Documents:


BR-LE5.0-S1A Module Overall Dimensions (258KB)

adobeBR-LE5.0-S1A SMT Land Dimensions (90KB)

adobeSolder-Waveflow (141KB)

S1A and Legacy Modules PCAD Radio Foot Print(s) Library (Zip file) (717KB)
S1A and Legacy Modules Eagle Foot Print(s) Library (Zip file) (5KB)


RF Related Documents:

adobeS1A Ceramic Chip Antenna Data Sheet (417KB)

adobeS1 Micro Coaxial Matting Connector Data Sheet (131KB)


Regulatory Documents:

BR-LE5.0-S1A Regulatory File (8,891KB)

QDID: 124988 End Product


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