The BlueRadios modules provide a ready-engineered OEM product solution for a point-to-point Cable Replacement. By eliminating the need for a Bluetooth, Zigbee, or WiFi host micro controller stack, external antenna, and running the cable replacement firmware directly on the baseband chip itself, cost is kept to a minimum.




AT Commands: Describes the protocol used by the Company to control and configured BlueRadios Serial Wireless Modules. The protocol is similar to the industry standard Hayes AT protocol used in telephone modems due to the fact that both types of devices are connection oriented. Appropriate AT commands have been provided to make the module perform the two core actions of a radio device, which is make/break connections and Inquiry. Additional AT commands are also provided to perform other functions.


Just like telephone modems, the serial module powers up into an unconnected state and will respond to inquiry and connection requests. Then, just like controlling a modem, the host or client can issue AT commands which map to various Bluetooth, ZigBee, and WiFi activities. The command set is extensive enough to allow a host to make connections which are authenticated and/or encrypted or have neither. The BlueRadios serial radio modems can be configured, commanded, and controlled through simple ASCII strings over the RF link or directly through the hardware serial UART, SPI, I2C, or USB interfaces.


Clients can also use our Bluetooth Stack in "C" library format and compile in your own specific application code.