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d&bWho We Are

BlueRadios®, Inc. is the worldwide leader in providing wireless communication data modules, and wireless sensors to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our Company commands the industry with consistent breakthroughs, such as superior RF price and performance for both industrial and medical applications. BlueRadios, Inc. headquarters is located south of downtown Denver, Colorado. BlueRadios engineering team was developing wireless 2.4 GHz RF solutions since 1995. BlueRadios products are distributed throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions and the Company is listed in (D&B) Dun & Bradstreet No. 146260935.

What We Do

BlueRadios designs, manufactures and markets some of the worlds smallest embedded spread spectrum 2.4 GHz radio modems and wireless sensors for OEM integration for commercial and industrial plug-and-play solutions. Our compelling technology enables manufacturers to buy, rather than make, RF capability. This helps our customers reduce R&D schedules, expenses and uncertainties, while accelerating time to market with wireless.

How We Do It

The core technology behind BlueRadios products is revolutionary low-cost spread-spectrum hardware and software design. Products come standard with integrated ceramic chip antenna, RF shield, regulator, communications stack, profiles, and custom application code interface. Because BlueRadios product solutions use unlicensed frequencies, they cost less to install and maintain. Plus, our corporate focus is only on 2.4GHz frequency-hopping technology for its lower cost, lower power consumption, better interference immunity and smaller size. Additional benefits of FHSS technology include superior interference immunity, high data rates, seamless integration, self networking, and interoperability. Our unique and proprietary methods of implementing embedded hardware and software enable wireless applications that were previously cost-prohibitive or functionally inadequate.

Product Line

Wireless OEM modules and packaged sensor products.

BlueRadios focus is only on wireless embedded solutions offering a line of agency-approved spread-spectrum RF products to meet OEM needs for varying range, data throughput and cost. Additionally, we develop custom RF solutions under contract with major OEMs. Applications for BlueRadios products include medical health monitoring, remote control devices, smart energy, smart home, building security, HVAC, irrigation control, vehicle data applications, commercial lighting controllers, proximity, etc. All modules are programmed with embedded communications stack, profiles, and implement AT Modem Command Set for the user to change configuration and parameter settings in the device.


BlueRadios assembled a highly experienced Management team with experience in embedded hardware, software design & development, wireless communications networking, and server architectural design for wireless applications. Since its inception in 2000, all founding employees are still with BlueRadios and average 30 years of experience.