BT5.0 Evaluation Kit


adobeBR-LE5.0-S1A Summary Spec. (518KB)
nBlue BR-LE5.0-S1A is a standalone Class1 intelligent module solution and requires no external stack or external components! Custom client applications can be written directly onto the nBlue module, which supports both analog and digital peripherals, eliminating the need for a second costly microprocessor.


$149 - Enables companies to quickly have a custom wirelesssolution up and working immediately. AT modem script commands are use to modify radio settings and configurations. One purchase per client. Ordering and Price Information>>

BR-EVAL-5.0-S1A Client Evaluation Kit Includes:
  • adobeBR-MUSB-LE5.0-S1A (226KB) Serial Mini USB dongle w/plastic enclosure

  • adobeBR-DEV-LE5.0-S1A (257KB) Low Energy (LE) Development Board

  • USB Male-to-Mini B Male 1meter cable

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Firmware Options

    • AT Command API support out of the box.

    • "C" Librariy for BRSP streaming data service. Requires compiler and third party dev envirionment from Nordic.

The BlueRadios serial radio modems are configured, commanded, and controlled through simple ASCII strings over the Bluetooth RF link or directly through the hardware serial UART or USB interface.. Customers are provided the documentation on the Bluetooth Serial Modules AT Command Set.