Intelligent Multi-point Bluetooth® Low Power device using AT Commands:
Class2 SMD module, stack, application, with ceramic chip antenna


C46AadobeBR-C46AR Spec. (207KB) - Class2, Bluetooth Low Power wireless communication serial radio modem module certified to Bluetooth v2.0. Applications include notebook PCs, cellular phones, digital cameras, PDA, PC peripheral equipment such as printers and terminal adapters. Features include: Reducing the size and thickness greatly due to the high-density surface mounting technology, UART, and PCM interfaces available to various applications. FCC, CE, RoHS, and Bluetooth certified ISM 2.4GHz band module. Operating temperature range: - 40~+85°C. Antenna configuration only. With software adjustable transmitter power and various low energy consumption modes.


adobeATMP Software Interface Spec. Ver (591KB), request by e-mail to sales@BlueRadios.com and include contact information.


PCB Related Documents:

adobeReference Design Schematic (44KB) - for generic UART data communications to BlueRadios modules.

adobeC46A## Overall Dimensions (Antenna) (140KB)

adobeC46 SMT Land Dimensions (53KB)

adobeSolder-Waveflow and ESD (21KB)

iconPCAD Radio Foot Print(s) Library (Zip file) (55KB)
iconEagle Foot Print(s) Library (Zip file) (2KB)


RF Related Documents:

adobeC46A## Ceramic Chip Antenna Data Sheet (799KB)

adobeC46A## OEM Product Integration Manual (50KB)

adobeC46A## RF Exposure (12KB)


Regulatory Documents:

adobeFCC Grant Approval (12KB)

adobeFCC Test Report (679KB)

adobeCE Grant Approval (259KB)

adobeEN 300 328 V1.8.1 (1533KB)

adobeEN 300 328 V2.1.1:2016 (3MB)

adobeJapanese RL Certificate (771KB)

adobeBluetooth Base Module Cert. (30KB)

adobeBluetooth Upper Layer Stack Cert. (42KB)

adobeBluetooth Qualification Design Listing (QDL) Cert. (53KB)
adobeRoHS Cert. (61KB)
adobeISO Cert. (163KB)


Reliability Data:

FIT = 575.97995
MTBF (HOURS) = 1736171.551