Bluetooth 4.0 Embedded 100% Dual Mode Modules



"S" = Single Mode Low Energy, BR-LE4.0-S2A and BR-LE4.0-S3A, nBlue More >>>
"D" = Dual Mode Low Energy, BR-LE4.0-D2A, BlueBridge®
All pin-for-pin compatible with legacy BlueRadios Bluetooth modules.

BlueBridge® Dual Mode Low Energy Smart Ready Modules

Core application processor and baseband is Texas Instruments MSP430 and CC2564 (Requires no external components or firmware)


adobeBR-LE4.0-D2A Summary Spec. (392KB)
BlueBridge BR-LE4.0-D2A is a standalone Dual mode Class1 intelligent module solution and requires no external stack or external components! Custom client applications can be written directly onto the BlueBridge smart ready module, which supports both analog and digital peripherals, eliminating the need for a second costly microprocessor.


adobeChip-on-Board vs. Turnkey Module Comparison (82KB)
adobeModule vs. Discrete Design Total Cost of Ownership (39KB)


PCB Related Documents:

adobeS2A/S3A/D2A Overall Dimensions (Antenna) (146KB)

adobeS2A/S3A/D2A SMT Land Dimensions (154KB)

adobeSolder-Waveflow (77KB)


adobeReliability Test Report (409KB)

S2/S3/D2 Module Footprint Drawing (140KB)

PCAD Radio Foot Print(s) Library (Zip file) (4KB)
Eagle Foot Print(s) Library (Zip file) (3KB)


RF Related Documents:

adobeS2A/S3A/D2A Ceramic Chip Antenna Data Sheet (799KB)


Regulatory Documents:

adobeFCC Grant Approval (73KB)

adobeIC Grant (129KB)

adobeFCC IC Test Report (1122KB)

adobeCE Grant Approval (2050KB)

adobeDeclaration of Conformity (139KB)

adobeJapanese RL Certificate (794KB)

RoHS & Reach Cert. (467KB)


Bluetooth (QDID) B019355

Bluetooth (QDID) B021257



BlueBridge ships with the Bluetopia® Bluetooth software stack. No additional license fee required. Includes: SPP, BRSP, GAP, GATT, SMP, ATT, L2CAP, BATT, etc. profiles.


Bluetopia®+LE — Bluetooth® Protocol Stack
Low Energy Smart Ready Technology


  • Incorporate BR/EDR and low energy Bluetooth support in the same chipset

  • Our Bluetooth protocol stack that supports dual mode devices is Bluetopia®+LE Dual

  • Bluetopia®+LE Dual combines the standard BR/EDR offering with additional support for Bluetooth low energy BlueTopia

    Compiler tools required for embedding custom applications in MSP430:
    TMDSCCS-MCUN01D - Code Composer Studio IDE - Micro controller - Node Locked Single User (N01D)

    - Download Only / NO DVD
    $445.00 USD
    Texas Instruments



Bluetooth low energy Single mode is not compatible with legacy Bluetooth only Dual mode devices are. Single mode is ideal for end devices and dual mode is for gateway type devices like PC, laptop, and cell phones.


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