Access Points & Gateway Technology













(pictured left)

EtherBridge Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready Wireless DHCP Ethernet Gateway. Only available to OEMs in volume.


  • Plugs into existing WiFi or Ethernet Hub

  • Powered over USB

  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode (Low energy and legacy)

  • Easily create custom dynamic web pages

  • Status LED for Ethernet activity and Bluetooth connection

  • Supports E-mail notifications as well as a Dynamic DNS connection

  • Contains BlueBridge® technology

  • No cost development environment with ample room for custom application


(pictured left)

Flashed programmed as a BT2.1 Internet Protocol (IP) PPP Router/Bridge

adobeBR-EB-01-PPP IP Router/Bridge. (166KB)


$69/unit for either configuration



Bluetooth and Smart Homes


Bluetooth technology is by far the most successful of any of the short range wireless standards.  Bluetooth was conceived with the mobile phone as the center of the network. As noted on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website, Bluetooth has been around for just over ten years (twice as long as ZigBee) and outsells all of the other short range standards put together, with over 1 billion chips shipped every year.  The very first Bluetooth products can still communicate with new ones that consumers buy today – something that neither 802.11 nor ZigBee can claim. Equally important, over the decade it has been shipping, it has evolved to address all of the key requirements of the smart home market.