Made-USABR-MSC40A-TMPBlueSensor™ Wireless Temperature Sensor
Price $59/unit (pictured right) no buy minimums apply.


adobeBR-MSC40A-TMP Spec. (82KB) - Class1, Class2, and Class3 Bluetooth® Mega BlueStamp® 18 pin DIP wireless communication serial radio modem module certified to Bluetooth v2.0. Applications include various temperature monitoring and alerting. Features include: Long-distance communication due to its high sensitivity, UART interfaces available to various applications. FCC, IC, CE, and Bluetooth certified ISM 2.4GHz band module. Operating temperature range: - 40~+70°C. With antenna and RF ground plane integrated, software adjustable transmitter power and various low power consumption modes.


adobeMega BlueStamp User Guide (470KB)

  • Fully user configurable API (see above)

  • Temp readings -40 to +70°C (+/-1°C)

  • Real Time Clock (RTC) and time stamping

  • Store up to 8064 readings (1792 with time stamps)

  • XML and raw data formats

  • SPP, FTP, and DUN client profiles

  • Master event driven or Slave inquiry mode

  • Various low power states and deep sleep modes

  • Sample data from 0 to 3.33V on its ANALOG_IN pin, allowing the user to connect an external sensor to the device. Data reported in three different formats: Raw ADC (0 - 1023), Digital (0 - 1) or Voltage (0 - 3.33)

adobeBR-MSC40A-TSB Spec. (82KB) "Mega Test Board" (see picture right) Includes:

  • RS232 pass through 6 foot serial DB-9 cable

  • 3.3Vdc 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 2.1mm wall mount power supply


Price $59/unit, no buy minimums apply.



Software Downloads:

iconMega BlueStamp (MBS) CPU Flash programmer PC tool (requires MS .NET) zip file (101KB)

iconMegaBlueStamp (MBS) CPU application firmware for Temperature Sensor application (39KB)

iconMegaBlueStamp (MBS) CPU application firmware for Generic Sensor application (37KB)