Bluetooth 2.0 Evaluation Kit

The BlueRadios intelligent serial embedded SMT module is the first design to provide a ready-engineered OEM product solution for a point-to-point and multi-point Bluetooth® cable replacement. By eliminating the need for a host micro controller Bluetooth stack, external antenna, and running the cable replacement RS-232 like firmware directly on the Bluetooth chip itself, cost is kept to a minimum.


$199 - OEM Clients that require no technical support. Enables companies to quickly have a custom wireless Bluetooth solution up and working immediately. AT modem script commands are use to modify radio settings and configurations. One purchase per client. Ordering and Price Information>>

BR-EVAL2.0 Client Evaluation Kit Includes:
  • BR-USB-C40A data only evaluation dongle

  • BR-C40A Class1 Bluetooth SMT radio module

  • BR-SC40A Class1 Bluetooth DIP

  • BR-USB-BTv2.1, Class1 USB Nano HCI Dongle w/PC stack

Bluetooth Profiles

BT2.0 modules support: SDP, SPP, DUN, LAP, GAP, RFCOMM, L2CAP, Headset, HFP, eSCO, SCO, Audio Gateway, FTP Client/Server, OBEX, OPP - Object Push/Pull.


The BlueRadios serial radio modems are configured, commanded, and controlled through simple ASCII strings over the Bluetooth RF link or directly through the hardware serial UART. Customers are provided the documentation on the Bluetooth Serial Modules AT Command Set.


Why spend USD$1500 - USD$5,000 on a complicated embedded hardware and software development environment when you just want a simple serial radio modem product that you can actually use in a real application. Our solution does not require licensing any software or purchasing a $10,000 Bluetooth host controller embedded stack for each product or application.